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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

2018 March - Necklaces to Empower Women

Hey there lovely people,

We are super excited to be joining up with some friends from Jeypore in South Odisha to present you with the traditional beaded necklaces made by local women artisans there.  Our friends have been operating an NGO in India for about 13 years and have been very active in promoting micro-enterprises in their region that emphasise sustainability, empowerment, education and promoting local artisans.  A good fit with us at Holi Boli.  We really want to help their products reach the world market.  In our line of business more sales means more jobs and obviously more jobs means more empowered women.

Holi Boli is buying the beads directly from the ladies through our friends who know them well.  The ladies work from their homes in the hills around the city of Jeypore and come down from the hills to sell their beads in the local surrounding towns and villages (see the video link below).  We hope in the future to purchase some of their other cool products such as rucksack style bags that promote their sewing skills and their art.  So, it's a bit of a trial to see how it goes. For now, we will offer the necklaces as an add-on to your Holi Boli purchases when you reach the cart.  This way we can still maintain our 'free shipping' promotion.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We would love to hear your reaction to this and any ideas for how to distribute this better to you guys in the future.  Would you be happy to pay for shipping to support these girls?  Do you know people that would love to buy these necklaces in bulk to support empowering women in rural India?  Anyway, it is always great to hear from you guys regarding this kind of venture.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Check out the video below of the beautiful land and people of Odisha (posted by the Chief Minister of Odisha - Naveen Patnaik). If you look closely you will see many of the women wearing their beads (necklaces).

Love your sisters!

Lots of love and peace to you!
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

2018 February March Fun


Sisters supporting sisters - the grand opening.

Two graduates of the Holi Boli Sewing School started their own sewing shop in a nearby village.  These are the success stories that make teaching sewing so worth it.  It was such an honour to load up the van with Holi Boli staff and go and support the grand opening of the new store.  Well done ladies!  Living empowered!


Being inspired 

It was good fun to stop work for a few hours and be amazed at the skills of a fabric artist whose needlework left us breathless.  We really hope that in the future we can use such beautiful art in our dresses at Holi Boli. So beautiful!  Thanks guys for taking the time to come and visit us at Holi Boli and show us your amazing skills.


Swimming in Hirakud Dam with our Freeset friends

We had a very fun time with some of our heroes from Kolkata from Freeset (check out their awesome business by clicking here). We are making a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for one of the Freeset staff.  We are super excited to be working with Freeset cloth and plan to work more with their beautiful organic cotton in the future.  We have been inspired continually by the Freeset crew and their dedication to Freedom business in West Bengal.  Absolute Heroes!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

2018 January - Holi Boli Stitching School on News World Odisha.

Wow!  The Holi Boli sewing school is on the News!  News World Odisha have done a segment on our sewing school in their human interest section of the 6pm News on the 18th January.  The film crew were a lot of fun and put all the ladies at ease.  Thank you to News World Odisha for making us all famous.... at least for a few minutes!  :)  Small English part after 1 min 23 sec.  Enjoy!  :)

Sunday, 7 January 2018

2018 January - Another Sewing Class Begins! :)

Holi Boli Sewing School has kicked of 2018

After taking a 6 month break to head over to "Sarah the Carer's" wedding in Castor, Alberta, Canada we are back into sewing class.  We have extended Holi Boli operations so the school has taken over the house at the back of Holi Boli.  Awesome!  All the machines have been set up, serviced and students are arriving ready to go.  At Holi Boli School there is one sewing machine per student, 2 Odia teachers (Banita and Nini) and of course, Ana.  This year the school will run while Ana is in New Zealand (this is a first).  It is so exciting to see the autonomy and leadership of the Holi Boli team starting to really flourish.  Go girls go!  Sisters helping sisters - its what its all about!

Thanks for all you who support and encourage Holi Boli!  We love you guys!

Nini watches on and gives advice.  Nini has been with us since 2013.  She is a great teacher now.

Students are little nervous in the first few days but they soon loosen up.  Mums come with their children #makingithappen